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HorseCoursesOnline.com is the world's leading provider of online college and university equine study degree and certification programs.  It is the Internet extension of Success Is Easy, an equine education/information publishing firm established in 1978.  Equine Studies Institute is the private administrative entity which grants and records "certification" as well as approving continuing education submissions.

          Affiliated with nine colleges and universities, the HorseCoursesOnline faculty is comprised of award-winning horsemen and women with an average of 23 years of teaching experience. 
HorseCoursesOnline.com can choose the best of the best as instructors since it is not limited by geographic boundaries. 
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          The text for each course has been written by the course instructor, and is updated whenever new information or techniques become available.  Many of the books written by our instructors are used in the classrooms of other college programs.  Our instructors are regular contributors of articles to horse publications, participate in the showing of horses and are guest speakers at educational clinics and seminars.

            Today more than 2,000 active international students are assuring their future by earning
HorseCoursesOnline.com credentials.  Joining the HorseCoursesOnline.com student body means the staff and instructors are just a click away whenever you need "information about horses" or study assistance.   Click here to see What Student Say.

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